Fans Or Fans?

We have a number of partners who do amazing jobs for clients in different verticals all over the world. 

Captify are one of our programmatic display partners. Their insight and media activation is fuelled by the single most powerful data set in advertising;


In fact they collect over 33 billion onsite searches a month from users as they navigate across the web. Captify then use unique semantic technology to extract context and intent from searches.

Today they sent us some pretty cool data....

Search Intelligence reveals a 644% increase in searches for; 'flights to Moscow' after England qualified for the quarter-finals.

Search Intelligence also reveals a 562% increase in searches for; 'electric fans' following the longest heatwave in 5 years with temperatures hitting record heights.

(data sourced from Captify network 02/06/18 - 09/07/18)

What ever digital campaign you are running, throw assumptions and gut feeling out of the window. We live in a world of big data. Ensure you are aligning campaign strategy and tactics to the data at your fingertips to maximise efficiency. 

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