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Since Youtube's debut in 2005, the growth of video’s popularity has been unstoppable. From the rise and fall of Vine to the adoption of 'stories' on almost every social media platform, video is where it's at.

The popularity of streaming devices like Spotify and Soundcloud means audio ads are also a growing and lucrative marketing avenue. 

With AV, you can bring your brand to life, adding a creative pulse to an otherwise flat marketing strategy and create a real, immediate and authentic connection with your audience.

  • By 2019, online content will consist of 80% video marketing

  • 90% of consumers claim that product videos directly inform their purchasing decisions

  • 95% of consumers retain communicated information through video or audio, compared to 10% through reading

It's obvious that now is the best time to ensure you have a strong, creative and effective video and audio strategy, supported by the best in the business.

That's where BIND comes in. With our team of strategic experts and our far-reaching network of video specialists, we can devise an AV strategy that will help you reach all of your goals and will target your exact audience - with support, guidance and management from start to finish.

Contact us today to chat about how video could enhance your brand and take your business to new heights.

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